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Scoops Lacrosse

   Scoops Lacrosse GA/SC

    Scoops lacrosse is a great opportunity to introduce kids to the game of lacrosse as well as have
    them continue their development within our environment of fun and learning.

    Scoops Lacrosse GA/SC started in Savannah in Fall 2018. We partner with schools
    and recreation departments throughout the Coastal Empire and the LowCountry to provide
    sessions at each location. Our classes will feature a theme based model where we focus on
    creating a fun and exciting story to teach basic lacrosse skills such as scooping, cradling,
    passing, catching, and shooting. Our theme based model caters to the age groups we work
    with, which range from 6U, 9U and 12U groups. 

    Each Scoops season will feature 10 sessions with each session culminating after 45 minutes.
    Our teachers will be lacrosse experts that have experiences playing and coaching at advanced


    Please contact Dustin White at 912-675-6647 or [email protected] in order to get
    information about Scoops in the school your child attends.

    Check us out on our Social Media! We post pictures of every session!

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