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Sport Performance 360

School Based Training Program

Our specialists take a comprehensive approach to training students,
helping them increase performance and decrease injury risk

The Sport Performance 360 school based training program is designed for athletes and individuals looking to improve personal health, mental strength and physical fitness directly on their school campus. We provide innovative instructional activities intentionally designed to increase cardiovascular efficiency, agility, balance, strength, power, and coordination.

Our successful construction of the SP 360 curriculum encourages all participants to push themselves for improvement each class period by receiving helpful tips and easy to remember technical cues.

The mental training each participant will receive infused within the physical training program will focus on the core ideas of attitude, motivation, goal-setting, managing emotions, and mental imagery. Our mental skill growth promotes the ability to do extraordinary things within all settings.

Contact Brad to bring the SP 360 Program to your school:

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The Sport Performance 360 School Based Program is currently designed for participants between the 2nd and 12th grade. Through our partnering program with local schools, we have been able to set up programs at the following locations:

     *Hancock Day School
     *Savannah Christian Preparatory School
     *Blessed Sacrament School
     *St. Andrew's School

We deliver ten one-hour class sessions each season with a pre and post-test to reinforce the idea of physical development. This adjustment in the environment, where children spend their time with SP 360 after school, will have a positive impact on achieving and maintaining increased athleticism, mental strength, and physical fitness.